Useful Flex AutoComplete component

Hillel Coren made a nice auto complete text input in flex.

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5 Comments on “Useful Flex AutoComplete component”

  1. If you’re looking for a commercially support Flex AutoComplete, check out our AutoCompleteComboBox:

    Our version is based off the Flex ComboBox, and we support remote data sources, something that is not supported in any of the Open Source versions I’m aware of.

    • bgoosman Says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. Your Auto complete ComboBox looks nice, but I cannot justify spending $297 on it right now.

      I’m not sure what you mean by supporting remote data sources because all data provider components in Flex can be populated with remote data easily.

  2. Hi bgoosman,

    Sorry for the ambiguity.

    With most Flex AutoComplete’s I have seen, you can load up a dataProvider from a remote data source and set it and you’re done.

    That may work fine for small data sets. But, what if you have 100K records? or 1 million? Or even larger? You will not want to load that in a single shot due to performance issues.

    The solution, presumably, is to refresh the dataProvider on each keypress, loading up only a subset of the data. The Flex AutoComplete’s I’ve looked at will destroy and recreate the drop down each time the dataProvider changes; causing display anomalies. Our AutoComplete supports that and deals with all the display anomalies.

    The question on my mind is, what component can we build that would make you interested in becoming a customer?

    • bgoosman Says:

      I understand now what you mean, and thanks for taking the time to reply.

      The problem is that my budget cannot afford buying any components right now that I can get for free or make myself. If I come up with an idea for a new flex component, I’ll pass it along.

      • Understood. Budgets are important, as is cash flow to a business. But, there don’t neglect the cost you incur when building something from scratch.

        When comparing the costs of building a component vs buying it from us; I think that Flextras can offer outstanding value.

        We’re working on building a CalendarDisplay component right now; and then a Gantt chart for scheduling style applications. But, if you have other ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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